Tuesday, May 10, 2005

From Daily Kos:

Can't recruit? Hire private soldiers
by kos
Tue May 10th, 2005 at 15:17:06 PDT

Job Posting
Government contractor seeking applicants for overseas assignment in KUWAIT. Excellent pay & benefits up to $60,000+.
The FPO performs duties under the direct supervision of the Shift Sergeant and the Shift Supervisor. The FPO is responsible for providing security, force protection and support for the U.S. Army's ARS (Area Support Group) assets at various U.S. Army Compounds in the country of Kuwait. FPOs serve as team members performing individual basic combat tactics and techniques unique to military service. They adhere to post orders unique to individual posts that range in function from static posts to roving patrols to escorting VIPs or military asset convoys and other missions as assigned. They must be able to perform as a fire team member to provide defense against attacks and terrorist operations. The duties of the FPO are similar to those of an Army MP.

Army 2005 pay scale.

Private: $13,711
Private E-2: $14,822
Private First Class: $17,475
Specialist/Corporal: $19,352
Sergeant: $21,108
Staff Sergeant: $23,040
Sergeant First Class: $26,640
What is wrong with this picture?

Well .....

Base Pay is just that - Base.
You need to add:
Housing Allowance - both enlisted and officers are provided housing on most bases. They are provided a stipend if housing is full or if they decide to live off-post. The stipend is based of the cost of living in a certain area.
Clothing allowance - Enlisted (Officers get a one time Clothing allowance) are provided a stipend to help defray the cost of uniform upkeep.
Subsistence Allowance - Those authorized to mess separately are provided this separately. Most single enlisted who live in the barracks are feed in the mess hall.
Separation Allowance - for those assigned to posts where dependents are not allowed.
Dislocation Allowance - to help defray the cost of moving. This does not include the actually shipping of household goods which the military pays for - this is equal to two months Housing Allowance.
Cost of Living Allowance - to help defray the cost of local economies.
Free Health and Dental Care for soldiers and their dependents.
Special Pay - amount varies depending on pay type. Foreign Language pays an additional $100/month. Combat Pay (Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger) pays $150-$225/month. Jump Pay is $150/month.

It all can be found here.

I think Kos is asking the wrong questions. What corporation would pay an employee for each certification he/she holds? Would increase that pay based on where he/she lived and what he/she did? Would give that person extra money if they filled a much needed skill? Would not only pay to move that employee but also give that employee a "loan" to help with movement costs? There are also numerous hidden benefits that civilians, even most soldiers, don't know about. Every base has a fully stocked garage. Want to change your oil? Rent a bay for as little as $3 and you have all the tools you need. They even dispose of the oil for you. Need to register your car - done onbase. PXs and BXs offer tax-free shopping to military personnel and their dependents.

I know. I know. The point of the article was to show how the "Military" is getting screwed over by Bushco. Well, I'd hate to break it to them (and the moonbats that read that site would probably ignore me anyway) but cuts in Defense Spending have been going on since well before the Clinton Years™. Despite the misinformation that is presented by Kos - if you really wanted to know what was spent where all you have to do is research (omg - not that!). Of course - these are numbers from the White House and as you know Rove probably spun it.


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