Friday, May 13, 2005

Moore Minutemen die for the "cause" ...

From the StrategyPage:

May 13, 2005; Sunni Arab terrorists have stepped up their violence, with over 400 civilians killed so far this month. American casualties are up as well, with about two coalition troops dying each day, versus one a day two months ago. But more and more of the killers are foreigners. Syrians, Egyptians, Yemenis and Saudis are among those being captured, or identified after their are dead. Raids on terrorist safe-houses usually yield documents and computer records that list the large number of foreigners involved in the terrorism. Over the last two decades, Saudi Arabian charities have established tens of thousands of religious schools that preach Islamic radicalism and hatred of non-Moslems. Most of the Sunni Arabs coming to die in Iraq are the products of those religious schools. These "martyrs" can't get to North America or Europe, and are unable to get organized sufficiently to kill Infidels (non-Moslems) in their own countries. But in Iraq, the Baath Party will supply weapons and some direction for those who want to kill, and are willing to die in the process. The foreigners are particularly wanted because they are willing to kill Iraqis. To an Islamic radical, the wives and children of Iraqis who collaborate with the Infidels are worthy of death. Thus the majority of terror attacks are in neighborhoods where Iraqis support the government. Everyone there is considered a legitimate target by the terrorists. There are still many neighborhoods where the terrorists are welcome, and where the terrorists do not set off their bombs. These are the neighborhoods where police, soldiers and coalition forces encounter ambushes and hostility.

American Marines are still finding and shutting down terrorist safe-houses along the Syrian border. There, well armed groups of Islamic radicals have stood and fought. But these fanatics are not well trained, and suffer over twenty dead for each American they manage to kill. Iraqi border guards are already making it more difficult to cross the Iranian, Saudi and Kuwaiti borders. But most of the killers come across from Syria, where the government does not want to stop the flow, fearing that these Islamic killers would realize that they have plenty of targets in Syria (where the government is dominated by Alawites, an Islamic sect considered heretical by Islamic conservatives.).

To paraphrase Hannibal Smith: "I love it when a plan comes together."


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