Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kelo vs. New London - addendum

This is ironic.

It seems a developer has applied to the City of Weare, N.H. to develop a property on the very land His Honor Justice David Souter currently calls home. (Hattip: Michael Badnarik - Libertarian Presidential Candidate - 2004.)

This apparently isn't a joke either. The applicant is CEO of Freestar Media, LLP. Here is the story from their website. This is grassroots activism at it's best. I just wonder why more people don't jump on the bandwagon. We only really need to build 5 hotels. And if the Justices don't like it - they can appeal.

I think it's sad that the left has spoken so positively about this decision. All the rhetoric socialists spew fourth about protecting the people is just that I guess: spew. Without the right to own property our other rights are undermined. The right to religion? Can't practice that freedom if you can't build a synagogue, church or mosque in which to practice your religion. Freedom of the press? How can you print anything without a place to store your presses (or in the case of the Internet, a place to store your servers)? These ideas are better fleshed out in The Spectator.

I don't like this decision. The Justices have taken a very broad interpretation of "Public Use" replacing it with "Public Purpose". Their reasons for doing so are wholly inadequate.


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