Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Left is not Right

Fisking Armando over at Kos:
. . . Meanwhile in Iraq
by Armando

Sun Jul 10th, 2005 at 01:18:24 PDT

More violence:

A suicide bomber killed at least 18 people and wounded more than 40 at an Iraqi army recruiting center in western Baghdad on Sunday, police and hospital sources said.

It was the bloodiest suicide bombing in a week that has seen something of a lull in this form of attack.

A suicide car bomber also killed three civilians and wounded 10 near the local authority building in the ethnically tense northern oil city of Kirkuk on Sunday, police said.

Update [2005-7-10 4:18:24 by Armando]: One for the whoops department:

The U.S. commander of military forces in and around the Iraqi capital said Friday that insurgents apparently are no longer capable of carrying out more than sporadic attacks in Baghdad after a seven-week security crackdown. Maj. Gen. William Webster, who heads the 30,000 U.S. and foreign troops and 15,000 Iraqi soldiers known collectively as Task Force Baghdad, cautioned that "there are some more threats ahead. I do believe, however, that the ability of these insurgents to conduct sustained high-intensity operations, as they did last year -- we've mostly eliminated that."

Boy they made a liar out of that General pretty damn quick didn't they? Tip to btzoo.

No "they" didn't. One attack does not a "sustained, high-intensity operation" make. Lets just ignore the fact that there was a lull. Lets just ignore the fact that no more than a month ago these VBIEDs where modus operandi for the AI forces in Iraq. The fact is we're stopping them. And I no longer call them suicide bombers either - recent reports indicate that the "bombers" are druged and strapped (taped and handcuffed) inside the cars. The bombs themselves have two ignition devices - one which the driver can operate and one remote. Seems to me that if you force someone to kill themselves that should be called murder not suicide.

And the British are leaving! the British are leaving! Probably:

The British government appeared to confirm a newspaper report that it had a plan for sharply cutting back its military presence in the south of the country early next year alongside a possible halving of U.S. forces further north at the same time. The defense minister said the plan was just one scenario.

Oh really? Leaving now? Not re-allocating resources? Concentrating troops where most needed? Acutally leaving the country? The quote states the Brits will cut back it's military presence. Not that it will withdraw it's troops from the country. But when you're grabbing at any straws to justify your position sometimes the facts can get kinda muddled I guess. Why would they withdraw from the south and the U.S. the north? Could it possibly be because the northern and southern provences of Iraq are less violent? That Iraqi Police and Security Forces are able to do the job themselves? We wouldn't want that now would we? That would mean we're winning and Busco would be justified! Can't have that no matter what the facts proves. As we all know, truth is just a matter of perspective....

And there is no end in sight:

A spokesman for the Pentagon, which has said the war in Iraq could last years, insisted Washington had no schedule for withdrawal.

Wait. Didn't you just state the British were leaving?

And Afghanistan remains problematic:

With Britain about to take the lead NATO military role in Afghanistan, a reduction in Iraq has been widely expected.

Oh and Osama bin Laden remains a free man, even though Porter Goss knows where he is, but he doesn't have a permission slip to go get him from Pakistan.

Yeah, free to choose any hole he wants to hide in. Seen any videos from him lately? No? Strange that after a major Al Queda ops he's silent. Probably just searching for the right things to say. Maybe the batteries for his Camcorder ran out...

And we are less safe now than on 9/11.

Wrong. 2,000+ killed on September 11. 192 killed in Spain on March 11. 49 killed on July 7 in England. See a trend here?

Worst President ever.

Worst. Post. Ever.


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I'd have to say Grant was the worst president ever.


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