Friday, August 19, 2005


Got into the City of Villains closed beta. Took me a couple of hours to get things sorted out. Then I find that I can only play M-F, 6-8 CT so I didn't get to play last night. Won't be able to play the rest of this week-end either since I have to work.

Oh well.

Played through the F.E.A.R demo. A lot of "shock" type scary. Ghostly little girl that giggles just before you catch a glimpse of her. Ghostly forms appearing before you right as your pov turns from the ladder to the walkway causing you to waste ammo. Stuff like that. Graphics are awsome especially in "bullet time". Think of that scene in The Matrix where Neo and Trinity are fighting the security forces in the atrium of the building in which Agent Smith is keeping Morphius. The supersonic air distortion as bullets fly through the air. The fragmentation of concrete as bullets impact. The jerking of bodies as bullets impact. It's all there in hi-res glory. This game would totally suck if it were limited to just a console. It's just unfortunate the names sucks so bad.

Also played a little of the Dungeon Siege II demo. I'm liking it though I do have one major problem with gameplay. All through the "tutorial" part of the game you are told over and over to stick with one "class" and not to stray too much or your character will become a weak jack-of-all-trades type. You see, you gain xp when using certain arms/spells. Bows give ranged xp. Fire spells give Combat Magic xp. You get the picture. So - I take my toon and stick strictly to melee weapons. I pick up another party member who is well suited to melee as well so I go twin weapons while I have him stick to big two handers. I get to one point in the main story arc where I have to use a ranged attack to open the door. No other option. The least they could do is allow for my measly 1 level in ranged to open the door. At least this way anyone can open it. No - this door requires 6 levels of ranged. That's pretty linear scripting. It's a wood door for crying out loud. My half-giant companion with the big 2H axe can't smash through it but some measly arrow can knock it down? Course this is just the demo. The rest of the gameplay is pretty good even if the camera controls take a little getting used to.

Oh - if you get a chance check out the TCOverride link. Capt Chuck is recovering well. He posts a little on what constitutes a "Hero". That man is a hero in my book.


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