Friday, August 05, 2005

HB 392

This bill allows for a greater variety of beers to be sold and crafted in North Carolina. We are one of only 5 states left in the Union that have an archaic cap on Alcohol by Volume (ABV) for beer. Just beer. Not spirits or wine. Just beer. Why you might ask? Well - Mill owners felt that, in order to ensure an adequate workforce on Monday morning, something needed to be done about alcohol consumption during the week and week end.

A movement called "Pop the Cap" has been working for 2 years to get this law repealed. They have partially succeeded. The law was passed in the NC Senate (read: your state Senators) 27-21. That means in 10 days or less, Gov. Easly has the option to a) sign it, b) veto it or c) do nothing. One means the esteemed Governor of NC really wants to help our economy. One means he has given over to these fear mongering shmucks. The third is just the easy way out. The law can pass but he can still say he didn't sign it.

But then there is the opposition of mainly Christian Conservatives. One organization is the Christian Action League of NC. I found this on the Christian Action League of NC's website:

"If this bill passes, North Carolina will have beer on it’s grocery and convenience store shelves that is 30 proof."

No. It just means that 30 proof beer can be sold ... there really aren't that many 30 proof beers out there and they will be expensive so most likely only sold in specialty shops. Your local Winn Dixie can't afford to keep product on the shelf that doesn't move. Nice scare tactic. Lets battle facts with Fear!

"It will likely exacerbate the problem of underage, youth and binge drinking on college campuses."

Um... I don't know about you but college drinking wasn't about drinking high end beers. That's not good bang for buck. Why spend $5 a bottle when you can buy a whole case? Again ... this is fear at work. A college student with a $20 beer budget isn't going for some piddly half case of Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil. He's going to get 4 cases of Bud which he could buy now anyway.

"Moreover, communities that voted for beer and wine sales will have these high alcohol content beers foisted upon them – something they never voted for in local option alcohol referenda."

Foisted! Yes, the bill makes it immediately illegal for any present beer in NC to be purchased and instead leaves only the higher priced, higher ABV beer instead. You no longer have a choice. No more Budweiser for you Mr. Migrantworker! It's no longer Miller time! And what the heck is a local action alcohol referenda anyway? Is there a higher power than the NC Congress out there that I don't know about? Do local county and city councils have the power to usurp State Law?

The problem with being a conservative in the south is that you get lumped in with these a*hole blowhards. The article doesn't even have very articulate arguments against the measure - just fear mongering smoke and mirrors. These are the same talking points the Temperance Movement used in the 1900s.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Temperance Movement was primarily interested in reducing alcohol-related crime, especially against women and children.

Of course, maybe they should have focused on the crimes and criminals, rather than the presence of alchohol.

- Mercutio

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Necess1ty said...

As you said, the "arguments" of the Temperance movement were the same. Scare tactics, exaggerations, etc. Not necessarily the goals. In fact, what the heck are the goals here? It's not like you can't get higher alcohol content in other places, in other types of alcohol. I can go buy some cheapy vodka with a much higher alcohol content and that will stretch a lot further that some fancy-schamcy beer. (Which will soon be inhabiting our refrigerator, I suppose?)

10:20 AM  
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