Friday, September 23, 2005

No Gays Allowed

That's what Catholic Churches will probably have up soon on their doorways. According to The Independent, The Pope has signed an edict banning homosexuals from entering priesthood. The church has also increased it's rhetoric against gay marriage.

This is a tragedy. To discriminate against someone based on their sexual disposition goes against everything I have been brought up to believe. To have the leader of my church feel that being homosexual was "a more or less strong tendency towards an inherent moral evil." really chills me.

My daughter is currently going through an indoctrination program to become Catholic. After reading this article I'm not so sure I want her to become Catholic. I'm not so sure *I* want to be Catholic. This one ruling is anathema to me. I feel I am truly at a crossroads.

I've always been proud of being Catholic. While my actual faith differs somewhat from Church Doctrine (heck, even basic Christian dogma) I've always felt "Catholic". I love the mass. The rituals soothe me and give me peace. Now I'm have to consider stepping away. I don't feel I can, in good conscience, remain Catholic under the current regime.

I have an uncle that is gay. He and his partner have been together longer than most heterosexual couples I know. They share a love that is deep and great. How can that be morally evil?


Anonymous Mercutio said...

You may want to go Anglican or Lutheran. I have heard that both are 'Catholic without the Pope.'

See also Christian Denominations

7:27 AM  
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